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    about us

    Our Story

    Welcome and thank you so much for being here! My name is Shirley and my heart is filled with happiness and gratitude for being able to do what I love. Let me first thank my parents for exposing me to the world of plants and herbs. Since I was a wee kid, I’ve always seen them gardening or mixing up herbs for skincare or medicine. In retrospect, all things herbal has always been something I loved, but it was buried in the depths of my mind until a few years ago. The desire to know more increased and it felt like I was discovering a part of myself that has been dormant for years.

    The increasing love for herbs, and their medicinal properties, served as a catalyst for a dream I had for a long time, which is having my own skincare brand. It was then when I took a step of faith and launched Ineffable Botanical Skincare.

    The Name

    When I was brainstorming about names, my focus was to describe nature’s and humanity’s balance, complexity, self sufficiency, strength and beauty. It doesn’t matter how much words I think I know, words always seem to fail when trying to describe it. Then the name Ineffable made its entrance. Ineffable means: “too great to be expressed in words”. That is exactly what I think about nature, humanity and their relationship. Truly Ineffable!

    Ineffable: (Adj) Too great to be expressed or described in words

    Who Are We?

    Our skin is the largest organ we have and with being the biggest, comes a lot of responsibility. Your skin is a protective barrier between your insides and the rest of the world, helps regulate body temperature, and acts as a filter. Your skin is affected by every aspect of your life, from what you eat to your skincare routine. Unfortunately, it is easily forgotten or is likely to receive less attention.

    Ineffable Botanical Skincare is a family-owned business that focuses on offering the best for your skin.  We want to help you incorporate the healing properties of herbs and plant materials into your skincare routine. It is our goal to go back to basics and only use what your skin actually needs. No nasties and no fuss – that’s our promise.  Always herbal, vegan, palm oil-free, handcrafted in small batches, sustainable, plastic-free, and as sustainable as we can.

    In our quest to use nature’s resources for our products, we want to do so in a responsible way. It is our goal to be mindful and grateful for God’s gifts to us so that our future generations can enjoy them as well.

    What makes us us?

    Our values and who we are in a few words:


    – Developed for sensitive/troubled skin

    – Fragrance-free

    – No synthetic fragrances or essential oils

    – No synthetic colorants. Only herbs, clays, and roots are used for color

    – Palm oil-free

    – Mostly organic (not 100% yet)

    – Herbal & vegan plant-based

    – When possible, we work with local gardens for herb supply

    – Handcrafted and always made from scratch

    – Nature doesn’t hurry, so neither do we. We take our time to extract the healing properties of herbs in old fashion ways such as the cold process method and cold infusions.

    – Small batches

    – We are not stingy, we use high (but still safe) concentrations of ingredients

    – Reusable & sustainable packaging.

    – As plastic-free as possible

    – Sustainable deliveries using fewer cars and more bikes

    – Minimal, simple & clean beauty

    – We focus on intentional spending, so you can always reach out for questions about your skin type. In this way, we will be able to tell you what you actually need. Less is more.

    Let us help you take care of your (and earth’s) ineffable beauty



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    Shirley xx

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    Address: Verrijn Stuartlaan 30, 2288EL, Rijswijk. The Netherlands